The Leg Ulcer Forum Scotland (LUFS)is an affiliated group of the Leg Ulcer Forum (England and Wales).

The aims of Leg Ulcer Forum Scotland are to:

  • Promote a local network of resources for the benefit of patients suffering from either an ongoing leg ulcer or wound management problem, through the establishment of specialist services supported by appropriately qualified staff.
  • Provide a forum to advance the education of nurses and other health care professionals involved in the treatment of persons with leg ulcers related conditions including wounds through discussion, debate and the dissemination of relevant research findings.
  • Liaise with similar and appropriate organisations in other countries in order to facilitate international affiliations.
  • A £500 educational scholarship is awarded annually and will be announced to the successful candidates at the Annual General Meeting, of the annual conference each year.
  • An annual conference with key speakers, highlighting current issues and incorporating practical work shops.
  • Currently proposing to develop Scotland wide ongoing leg ulcer study days with support from NES, University and potentially industry.

Leg Ulcer Forum Scotland Committee Members

Chairperson: Glynis Billimore (Vascular Nurse Specialist)
Vice Chair: Carolyn Whitelock (Community Staff Nurse)
Secretary: Ally Lister (Dermatology Nurse Specialist)
Treasurer: May Loney (Dermatology Liaison Nurse)
Conference Organisers: Shona Baird (Tissue Viability Nurse Lothian)
Sponsors & Representative Co-ordinator: Anne Ritchie (Leg Ulcer Specialist Nurse)
Stand Manager: Anne Barns (District Charge Nurse)
Website Co-ordinator: Tricia McShane (Community Vascular Nurse Specialist GG&C)
Committee Member: Julia Chalmers (Community Charge District Nurse)
Committee Member: Elaine Macnichol (Research Nurse Dundee)
Committee Member: Janice Bianchi (Independent Tissue Viability & Dermatology Educator)
Committee Member: Margaret Armitage (Medical Affairs Specialist UKI)

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