The Leg Ulcer Forum was established in 1993 by a group of expert enthusiasts following the first university based national leg ulcer course. The Forum has gone from strength to strength and has a dedicated executive comprising specialist practitioners and educationalists involved in clinical and education practice. The Forum also has a network of committees in Scotland and Ireland as well as key links to Wales ensuring evidence based practice is promoted throughout the UK.

The Leg Ulcer Forum (LUF) has developed national standards for leg ulcer care, patient leaflets and staff educational leaflets to promote best practice in evidenced based care. The LUF runs conferences throughout the UK and facilitates networking among specialist and those new to leg ulcer management. Please do explore our website for the resources we offer. Please consider becoming a member and help promote best practice for patients. You may also wish to consider becoming an active member of the executive or one of the committees.

The LUF is a UK charity and we rely on volunteers and sponsorship. This enables us to run low cost conferences and produce the journal and educational resources.

Start enjoying the many benefits...